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4 Wheeler theft deterrent

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I had this on my honda a few weeks ago,,,and when the bad guys broke in to my shop they got 2 honda's and left mine...
i guess they didn,t like the extra width...we did get my sons back

Dont try this with out test runs :biggrin:


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Your one high class ******* in my book.. Never seen that one done before.. Looks good and if it makes the thiefs shake their head and move on so much the better..

It sucks you had the break in.. They find the idiots that took them when they found your son's honda?

I'm also curious how well that set up worked when you were actually in deeper water.. Sink like a rock or halfway float?
I did actually float and the wheels paddled me through...
Not on the first try..
ended up with 2 - 6" pipes & 1 - 4" pipe on each side , then i was like a boat went right on across the 3 ft water
had 2 oil changes during the test day..
But i do have a new idea
the sons honda was found in a thicket covered up ,,just needed new key switch 30 days later..a friends was never found...
the guy we think got them is locked up but not for this was a mile from his house
That stinks about the friends 4 wheeler..

Your pipe set up got my mind working.. You will have to expand on your new idea whenever you try it out..
PATENT it now before someone else does. Sounds like a great idea once you work the kinks out of it. I would definitely go out on the pond for a day of fishing....who needs a boat when you can have a "******* river rat" from delbert international pontoon specialists but call now and we will give you an ATV cooler large enough to hold a 30 pack of your favorite brew....a $50 value but yours free if you call now LOL..........sorry to hear the news of the break in and I hope the thief gets whats coming to him!!!!!
LOL! Priceless ride!:lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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