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These are a lot of fun! I wanted to get back into casting and so i spent the $24 for the mold and i got it in saturday.

They cast clean and drop from the mold very easily. Im really happy with them in the 1:48 Hawken and the 1:32 Mountain Stalker, both shooting 100gr Pyrodex RS. I haven't worked past 50 yards with either rifle yet but may do so tomorrow for the heck of it. Get a little trigger time in before hunting season opens on the 10th.

The CVA Hawken posing with the 320 REALs.

50/50 Mix of Beeswax and Lee Alox lube melted and mixed together. Awesome lube that keeps fouling soft and doesn't melt in your hand leaving it all greasy.

50 yards. The bigger group was with 90gr Pyro RS and the 2 shots touching was with 100gr and a Wad. Neither rifle is fussy over wads but i will test at longer ranges as thats normally where the problems start showing up LOL.

They seem to be a good bullet though. If i draw a Colorado bull tag next year i MAY end up using the Hawken with this combo. I love to try new things and if it anchors an elk, good deal!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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