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.308 vs 30/06

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I threw this out there a while back but did not have much of the info you asked for. My father-in law has given me a choice of rifles from his collection when he is gone. Personally I do not know much about them so I was wondering what your thoughts may be?
They are a winchester .308 model100 and a remington 700 30/06 the .308 is scoped already.
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Nothing in particula

Nothing in particular now. A while back I was tiyrng to get some advice on boots for stand sitting but I ended up buying the cabelas saskatchewan pack boots. I am hopeing they will be warm enough for me sitting on the stand. I also learned that I need to walk out to my stand with light clothes on instead of all my gear on and then change to warmer gear when I get to the stand. hopefully I will not get cold this year. thanks for you response. I look forward to talking with everybody on here about my second favorite hobby. first would have to be fishing. LOLThanksChad
Im assuming its an older rem700 and thats a good thing.I would definetly take the rem 700 its a workhorse,solidly built,and in a great caliber.
Both are excellent calibers but I would choose the win. Model 100 for a few reasons, I'd like a. 308. I don't currently have one. A hunter named Milo Hanson holds the world record typical whitetail taken with a win.model 100, and finally I think the Win100 is the most accurate semi-auto i've ever shot.. good luck
Fyi do ur research winchester had a recall on these 100's due to a firing pin problem.I know you have to replace the oringinal one.Not telling you which one to pick just make sure you are up to date with these issues.
Fyi do ur research winchester had a recall on these 100's due to a firing pin problem.I know you have to replace the oringinal one.Not telling you which one to pick just make sure you are up to date with these issues.
The remington 700 was recalled also for a safety modification and like Spiker said whichever one you choose you should make sure any recall issues have been addressed on those weapons.

MODEL 600, 660, 721, 722 40-X RIFLES MFG BEFORE MARCH 1982

RECALL: Remington Arms Company, Inc. is offering a safety modification program for certain bolt-action centerfire firearms manufactured prior to 1982, including the Model 700, Model 600, 660, 721, 722, 40-X bolt-action rifles (made before March 1982) and Model XP-100 target pistols made before February 1975.

These firearms have a feature known as a bolt-lock that requires the safety to be placed in the “off” position in order to unload the gun. If you participated in this program, your firearm will be modified to eliminate the bolt-lock feature. The operation of your gun will not be otherwise affected.

If you want assistance, call Remington’s toll-free consumer hotline at (877) 387-6691. To learn more about the 1979 safety recall, check our website at Firearms - Shotguns - Rifles - Handguns - Ammunition - Remington Guns - Home of America's Oldest Gunmaker.

Offer valid through December 31, 2002

870 Remington Drive
Madison, North Carolina 27025-0700
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I might be incline to take a Win 100 just because its different. However, states like PA don't allow semi-auto for deer hunting. I wouldn't mind it in my vault though.
Thanks for all the are input it is appreciated. Either way both pieces are very nice and I would be happy regardless of what he leaves me. Going to spend some time doing a little research and will also be making a trip to the range...
However, states like PA don't allow semi-auto for deer hunting.

Both are great rifles. The M100 ceased production however around '73, so there ain't no more being made. A M700 in 30/06 might be the most produced bolt action rifle ever, and also the biggest selling rifle for big game (read that deer hunting) over the last almost 50 yrs (700 debuted in '62). The chamberings; .308 vs 30/06 are pretty much a non issue.

I happen to own two M100s in .308 right now and two M700s, one in 8X57 and the other a .270. My opinion? Grab the M100 after simply asking if it's been a trouble free rifle. The M100 handles really well and they shoot plenty well for hunting puposes. Both mine will do 1.5"/3 shot groups. I've never bothered to have the firing pin replaced under the recall, but it's not a big deal to have done, I don't believe.

Good Luck!! :thumbup:
Which one- Win 100 or Rem 700

I would recommend the M700 in 30-06 for a couple of reasons. First if you are not familar with shooting rifles it is easier to learn to shoot a bolt action correctly. The trigger is better, the safety is very straight forward. Another problem with the Win 100 is that the replacement magazines are not easy to come by. The ones that I have seen were expensive, and they were not without wear on them. From watching at the hunter sight in days the Win 100 is a great shooter, I just think that a new shooter is better with the Rem 700. The difference between the 308 and the 30-06 on Deer size game is nothing to worry about.

Talk about a VERY hard decision to make! ! !

But I'll have to side with Karl when it comes to the bolt action for a "new" shooter. Learned to shoot when I was but a wee lad . . . and then didn't start hunting until after retiring from the military. Started out on bolt action, bought a couple more bolt action, (okay, so I bought more than just a couple). Inherited the semi-autos that I used last season from my uncle. They had been my grand-father's.

But that's just my $.02 worth.

What's that they say about opinions??? They often times resemble the person's behind, and most of them stank ! ! !
the 700 will out distance the 100.What type and what terrain will you be hunting.More open with long shots the 700 will be the way to go.If it was me Id take the 100 "personal preferance".Dont know what gun prices or were your at,But around here a 100 in good condition will bring $750-$900,were a 700 in same condition will bring around $450-$750
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