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3030 bolt action

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hey i just got a 3030 bolt action what do u guys suggest for different loads bullet wise and what the distance that gun can shoot comfortably?
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Sorry qm22 I have no exp with that type of rifle.
what is it? mossberg? savage? winchester? just always wanted one. neat little set up. i like the 150's but 170's are good as well. shoot different weights in different brands and find what the gun likes best.
Although I don't have a 30/30 any more, I would strongly recommend that you take a look at Hornady's new Leverevolution ammo for that caliber. It's supposed to increase range out to 300 yards with a lever gun, so with a bolt, it might be even better! Good luck!
With a 150 grain bullet my chart says to sight it in at 25yards. then the rest is as follows

+10 inches @50 yards
+2.75 inches @100 yards
+2.25 inches @ 150 yards
-.75 inches @ 200
-5 inches at 250

I am sure it is different depending on what rounds you use but this should give you a good idea.
qm22 you didn't say but is it scoped if not are you going to? Any time another gun is added to the colection its a good day!

um it a winchester 30/30 i got a bolt and a marlin 30/30 no scope but both will get scopes but open sights for now i alson inherited from a old timer that used to hunt and double barrel 12 gauge shotgun one of the coolest guns ive shot and 2 pump acrtion 12 guages and a mossberg 22 that he got when he was 16 and now he well into his 60s so i thought it was pretty kewl and the 2 30/30 and from his as well so i got quite the selction started really looking forward to getting out there and shooting them off
is the marlin a lever action or bolt?Sounds like you and him were good friends thats quite a haul
that Winchester and the side by side maybe worth more than you think. do some research. heck research all of them. you may want to keep them clean and locked up when not shooting them. old timer in his 60's?? how old are you? i wish guys would fill out their user profiles. it would make responding easier.

In Marlin Is A 30/30 Marlin Lever Action And I Looked Into The Double Barrel Shotgun On The Internet And They Are Going Any Where From 1500 To 14000 So Iam Gonna Hold On To That One For Sure And It Is Sure Fun To Shoot
i got a marlin lever action 30/30 336C AND I LOVE IT.try the new hornady leverlutiion ammo.i fint it works well.if ya want to save a few bucks i also like remington corelockt in 150 grain,blunt shouldnt use pointed ammo in a tubular magazine as it can set off the primer in the other round in front of it.but the hornady stuff has a polomyer tip that you can use .im with you ronn on the profile thing i even put a *sticky* up about it
it been changed

i wasnt to sure about how to do the profile thing but i figured it out so my profile is up and going stil got to get a pic though
If that double says PARKER on it I'm going to my room and cry! If you don't mind what make is the double? Thanks HM
and what about that bolt action 30/30? what is it? i thought you said a winchester. it could be a pre 64.

the bolt action is a winchester and the lever is a marlin
check on that winchester. there are a lot of collectors and info out there on win. is that side by side a parker?
There's not a lot of pre-64 Winchester bolt action 30-30's, I found 1 so far, a model 54 that has various grades and specs. Made around 1925-1936. In doing some checking I wasn't aware that the model 70 wasn't made in 30-30 cal, almost everything else. I would have lost that bet.
i wasn't sure what model it was but i new it wasn't a 70. i'm pretty sure that will be the only win model. Savage and mossberg and one other i think made a bolt 30/30. i don't think the 70 is chambered in any round with the rimed base like the 30/30.
quadmaster22 where are you? Maybe passed out when he started looking at the values on those guns. My curiousity is killing me on that double barrel.
There are several in that Parker range $$ wise. I'm really not up on them but I do know the Parker name. I kinda would like to know as well. Maybe we can be real excited for him. A friend of mine has a 30/30 bolt but I know its not a Winchester and I can't remember what it is. Its about time I ask him to sell it to me again. The guy doesn't even hunt so you would think he sell me the gun. oh well.
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