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My dad, brother and i all went out earlier today with the CVA's to do some touch up adjustments. Once we got all sighted in with the 300gr platinums we switched over to 245-295gr powerbelts and i went to the 300gr Thors.

All at 100 yards with open sights, 90gr BH209 and CCI 209M primers.

My Optima, First was on cold barrel and LOW. The next 4 i was happy as heck with.
300gr Thor

My Dad and his CVA Apex, Check this out though, First shot on a cold bore was 4" above center which i expected, But the next 4 drifted a bit higher and to the right. This rifle just blows me away with how it will touch shots at 100 with open sights. Then again, the shooter behind the rifle does help LOL
295gr Aerotip

My brother and his V2 was giving us trouble ( not the rifle). My brother would shoot a couple shots perfect and then just be all over the place. He found that he can really keep a tight group if he keeps both eyes open but if he closes one, accuracy just starts going crazy. His eyes do best with a german silver front blade but theres no way of attaching one without modding the barrel.

First shot dead on the money and perfect. Shots 2 and 3 were on a hot barrel and again, check out the jump with the hot barrel. On shots 4 and 5 we gave it a few minutes to cool down and they dropped right down to where they should be.
245gr Aerotip

Next time out we agree'd to give the rifles time to cool down between shots just to see how much it will improve.

We're basically all set and sighted in. My Optima needs a bit of adjustment to the left with the 300gr Thors but thats no problem, they shoot nice and tight so they should make good bear medicine this fall.

It had rained for a few hours and so it was VERY muggy, so damp and heavy that it was hard to catch your breath when we'd walk down to mark off the targets.

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Say what?:surprised: Me I'm kinda a freak on cleaning muzzle loaders, after every range session and every night after all day hunting. This is especially true for the flintlocks.:thumbup:
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