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2nd weekend coming up

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I just checked the weather forecast for the next 10 days and it is looking very similar to last weekend. I the systems just stay put as forecast.It will be fantastic.

10 Day Weather Forecast for Belvidere -
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I like you forecast there better than Belvidere TN.. We have reached the 80s all weekend and will be there again today..
wind, wind and WIND. man it was blowing all day long. right up til it was too dark to shoot, and then it stopped. stopped dead. And I dont have to tell you how the deer react when the winds are gusting and swirling. I did have three come in around 7:30 in the am, but the winded me or someone or something and white flagged back to where they came from.
we had something like 40 mph gusts all day. Lake Erie was pushed out about 60 yds from shore. Not a good day for hunting.
50 degrees this morning got up go 70 by 10am. No wind. Gonna be the same in about 6 hours, so i'll be right back at it.
got out early, last time I'm doing that. weather was ok when I left house, it was supposed to be raining but wasn't. got to the stand and it rained. got soaked (don't have water resistant gear). got cold but stuck it out till after the self imposed cutoff time of 9:30. no activity at all except the 3 does I seen early Saturday morning.

Sure glad there are gravy days.
3RD weekend next week

Talk about extreme swings from one week to the next and that's kinda what happened between my first two outings this year.
Again, the extended forecast for next weekend is looking REALLY great and with the impending rut not far behind, hoping to see some early signs of (estrus interest).

I put my trail cam out again at the conclusion of last weeks hunt and will pull the card at the conclusion of next weekend.

I failed to mention that I screwed up bad the first weekend. Sunday morning around 7:00am, I had contemplated mounting the video cam on my stand. I dismissed the notion because the day just looked like so many other bust days. 1 1/2 hours later I had 2 bucks come to my neck of the woods and one decided to stay. Had I mounted tha camera, I would have had a beautiful harvest sequence. (Still kicking myself)

Some of the best lessons are the hardest. except for inclement weather, I will always have that camera mounted from here on out.
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