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2nd Chance Buck

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On the afternoon of 11/1 which was NH muzzleloader opening day I missed a buck from my treestand. It was 60 yards in front of my stand with it's nose about 5-10 ft from my scent dripper. The deer ran away zigzagging with it's tail wagging in circles. My immediate thought was he was hit in a non desirable spot. I checked for blood with no luck. I went back the next morning and spent a few hours without success. It was on my mind for a few days afterwards that I could miss a shot that was basically handed to me.

I went back to the same stand 1 week later. It was raining and warm. After a few hours I got one glimpse of a deer in the mountain laurels that lasted all of 1 second. I noticed a clearing about 40 yards and hoped he would step into it. I waited about 1.5 hours before he finally stepped out into that clearing. I double lunged him at 110 yards. A true bang/flop without a blood trail. It was the same deer I missed the week earlier. He was a 4 pt-121 lbs. I was very fortunate to get a second opportunity. You take what you can get in NH. The scent dripper was within 100 yards of his core bedding area so it kept him around even after already getting shot at. I would post a pic but I do not know how.
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congrats on the buck. i also took a 4 point last sat morning using the pse. weighted 132 dressed weight. what is it with nh and the big 4 points.
Outstanding work. Good luck opening day-rifle. I must assume you still have a firearms tag. Thanks for the pic help.
Way to go, it's not many times you get that second chance.

Congratulations!!! looks like a dandy 4 pt'r....
congrats on the deer some good eating right there
2nd chance

I had a second chance at a buck during Indiana's firearm season, a couple weeks ago. I had a decent 7 pt come out of the woods 120 yds away into the field I was in. I waited till he was about 100 out before I took a shot. I knew I missed as soon as I pulled the trigger of my Knight Wolverine. No excuse I just pulled the shot. Of course he bolted into the woods like the devil was after him.

As I was ramming the new bullet home, I looked up and here he comes back up out of the woods just like nothing happened. This time he was only 75 yds away. I didn't miss him the second time!
Congratulations!!! Did you take some pics to share with us??? :w00t:

here is the only one I have here at work. My avatar is the same one preped as a european style mount

Not a big deer, but good eating!


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It's a fine looking Buck !!! size doesn't make it taste any better??? :thumbup:
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