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297 acres for lease in Butler County Ohio (SW OH)

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297 acres in Butler Co. Ohio for lease. Good deer and turkey sign. Thick tree lines along the eastern end of the property are heavily used. The subdivision helps act as a deer sanctuary. The wooded area on the southern end of the property is thick and hammered with deer sign. Trails everywhere. Found a nice shed in this area. The small grass field to the left of the most southern corn field had a section planted in turnips this past season. There's also quite a bit of goose traffic in the area. Landowner lives on site. Gated entrances with keyes provided. Approximately 1 acre in the back of the property permitted for a food plot. ATV’s permitted on dry cut fields and roadways only. 4 hunter maximum. Annual lease. $4,000.00. PM if interested.

Tall Tine Leasing
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that seems near reasonable. where is butler co? can you post a goggle earth pic of the property?
Butler Co. is in SW Ohio. Here's an aerial.


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thanks that was a huge help
Thanks for looking folks. Property has been leased.
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