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280 rem

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what is a good load for this round, woud a berger vld shoot well in it? or shouls i just stick to my 270 or 300 mag
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Oh, man, that .280 is a GREAT caliber - as good as any, just overlooked quite a bit mostly because of suicidal marketing by Remington right from the start. Anyway, it's one of my favorites. I've killed everything from antelope to big bull elk (at around 400 yards) with it. It's exceedingly accurate, has plenty of power, moderate recoil - it's just a fine round! I've had very good results using 55 grains of RL 19 and 140 gr. Nosler ballistic tips - it kills deer like they were hit by lightning and shoots 1 inch groups. I am curently trying 140 grain Barnes TTSX with 53.5 grains of Hunter powder though I haven't hunted with it as yet. Hope you keep using that .280 - it's TOO good a caliber to abandon. Good luck!
P.S. I also have a 270SWM and 300SWM which are great, but the .280 is just as effective in my opinion.
Repeating what I have read...

The 280 is a wonderful cartridge. I think onehorse has experience way past anything that I have read on this one. I do remember that if I was going to reload I would get some 150gr Nosler BTs, it was recommended as a great everything load for the 280.
My dad bought a 280 barrel for his encore to use for elk hunting, and it dropped one dead in its tracks at 275 yards. I have shot it and it is a tack driver. Lots of power without a lot of recoil. I don't think you would go wrong getting one
Here's a pic of an elk I killed a few years back with my .280. The shot was taken from the sage flat above the tree-lined stream in the background. It was well over 300 yards and knocked the bull right off its feet.
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