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.270 WIN. vs. 30-06?

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I have been shooting since i was fairly young. moving from the red ryder BB gun, to dads old winchester 30-30. at 12 i got my .270, and havent looked back since. dad has a .30-06, that i reload for, along with my .270, and we havent been able to do one thing the other cant. weve tried hitting clay pigeons at 5-550 yards, and both have pretty much no problem. i know the .270 is a flatter shooting gun, but the 30-06 can hold a heavier bullet, but really, what is the huge difference? I use the Hornady SST 130 gr. (handloaded) and dad uses the 160 gr. green tip Nosler BT. and we are holding just about the same group. he had a buck run on him last year, after an amazing shoulder shot, when my buck didnt even get 5 feet... so the bottom line, what is the big. diff. in the two? after well over 8,000 rounds through my .270, i still cant figure it out. any insight?:boxing:
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nope you pretty much got it figured out. the only difference is being heavier at distance the 30 will hold on to more of its energy % wise. and maybe less effected by wind. the differences? minuscule.
Thanks ron, i kinda figured that. yes, the .270 is a flatter shooting gun, but really, there is NO difference. happy hunting everybody, and happy trails!
A person cannot go wrong with either caliber and if you have both its a hard choise to make which one you will take. My first rifle purchased was a 30-06 then years later a 270. I'm not good enough to tell an accuracy difference between them. Its an old argument that never has a winner.
live free or die eh? Im guessing your from NH?
I love the 30-06. its a great gun. but since i bought the .270, i havent really ever had the niche to shoot anything else. other than the old 10/22, or my M&P40..... just love my 270.....NOTE: a company came out with a 180 gr. bullet for the .270, a buddy of mine bought some to reload...VERDICT: good for over 300 yards..... ill stick with my 130 and 140's...:)
550 yds at clay pigeons, that's about 40-50" drop for the 30-06. What optics are you using. I haven't tried that kind of yardage, but it would be fun just to see how I'd do. With only a 3X9 Redfield, not sure I'd have the optics to do it. ronn, what was the max yardage you shot?
at the time i was using a Leupold VX-3L 4.5-14x50, and unfortunately, bills came up, and i had to get rid of it. now im using a Tasco 4-16x50 illuminated reticle with a BDC.
it all depends on what your used to. i spent 4 1/2 years active duty, and have been shooting since i was about 6. long range shooting is really all i have ever been around.
550 yds at clay pigeons, that's about 40-50" drop for the 30-06.
total drop with a handloaded 30 cal. 168 gr. Nosler Custom Competition HPBT with a BC of .462 and a SD of .253, loaded with 63.2 gr. of RL22 has a drop of 51.3" when zeroed at 250 yards. and a muzzle velocity of about 3000 FPS.
i love my .270s. Have a ruger M77 and a H&R single shot. My buddy is loading me some 90 grn speer bullets, gonna try them in the H&R.
Go chrome, or go hom

Go chrome, or go home.Seriously, for a staertr rifle, the chrome chamber and bore will pay for itself in lack of aggravation and ease of cleaning.Further, yes, it does increase barrel life nearly exponentially.I know several folks who do not have chrome bores, and they say they don't really notice a difference, but at the same time, the rifles without chrome bores are NOT their SHTF guns. I think they regret not getting the chrome bore, but are too embarrassed to admit they were too cheap to get it.It really is entirely up to you. I recommend chrome, I have chrome, and I'm happy with it. I willingly cough up the extra 50 bucks to get it. Every time.Because I never know which rifle may end up being my SHTF gun all depends on where and when.EDIT: Forgot to add my opinion on DPMS: Like them. Since I use my own LPK's in my builds, if I have a trigger issue, I replace it in 20 minutes and smile. You can also put a Timney Trigger in it as money affords and you'll have a smooth trigger pull competition shooters might like.Looked it up I'm cancer moon, pisces sun, virgo rising .
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The sportsman club I belong to has recently added a 500 yd range along with a 250 range. I'm going to have to try a few long range shots just for kicks. I know the rifles will do that kind of range with really good optics, ballistic knowledge, and practice. All my scopes are hunter usable and none are long range special. I hate mounting my scopes high to allow for large optic lens like 50mm, which is one reason I stay with 40-44mm and low mount bases. This set-up gives me the best line of sight and keeps my cheek solidly on the stock. I assume for 4x14x50 you have to go to medium to high scope mounts to clear the barrel?
Banks should be taxe

Banks should be taxed for the full budern they put on the economy. We are way past the good bank making loans so the world can go around. Banks have become an excessive drain on capital. Let's stick with housing because this is a Real Estate blog. People paid and are paying prices for housing in excess of value. You can arrive at value any way you want, but the prices are higher based on lower interest, lower mortgage payments, and a perceived afford ability. The fact is that banks are expecting you, the consumer, to pay the full principle balance. Banks mailed out millions of credit cards, raised the rates, generated fees, and the consumer is now supposed to pay the full principle balance. You guys keep harping on the consumer. The were so stupid, they were so uneducated that they owe debt. Consumers owe billions, if not trillions of dollars in debt that they are expected to pay back. Consumers need to pay the bank debts they have before they spend more. That's the responsible thing to do. So follow my uneducated thinking here if you can because it is a little sketchy. If consumers are giving the banks money, were do they have more money for consumer spending? What happens to the consumer spending part of our economy? Rate this comment: 0 0
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I remember you had shot some long range stuff. That's a heck of a shot. I've never done any long range shooting. For the elk hunts I sighted in at 1" high at 200 yds for the 270 WM. There's no way my eye sight would allow open sight long range shooting anymore. I'm having trouble shooting the flintlocks now.
ok a 175 gr which is close to the 174 of the lake city stuff. with 100 zero the drop is 416 inches. if i ran the load from disc program right
That's about twice what I would have guessed.
When I was in the Army, I Qualified as an Expert with my M16A1 .223 caliber
I was sillhouette deadly at 1000 yards

I'd be willing to bet a LOT of money at 550 yards, shooting at clay pigeons I'd miss every one I tried shooting at! :w00t:
BB, with whats on the market today in bdc scopes even we might shoot some good long range groups. When I purchased most of my scopes either they didn't make them or I couldn't afford them. :ranting:
Nice picture. I've e

Nice picture. I've enjeyod all your pics.It may be his style, but I personally think Volk's pictures tend to be a bit too washed out for my tastes. I think you'd look even better if your pretty face was more defined.
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