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.270 win vs. 30-06

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.270 winchester vs. 30-06

Which is the better deer cartridge? Im doing some hunting during deer season this year as some of you may remember from a couple threads down and Im a little hung up on what rifle to buy.
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cant realy go wrong with ether round. its up to you.
J, use the force, pick one, you can't go wrong on either.
both are great deer rounds. i would still say the 06 only because of all the different ammo out there its probably the most common now.
I use a .270 to hunt with, I also own a .30-06. with the .30-06 you'll have a much greater Ammo Selection. Good Luck
If you are recoil-sensitive, the .270 might "fit" you better. Other than that, these two are almost like twin sisters - and really pretty ones, at that. Most guys who hunt for lots of years wind up having rifles in both these cartridges sooner or later, and just like the guys have said, you can't go wrong with either. Not only that, but I'd go so far as to say there hasn't been a cartridge that's been introduced in the last 40 years that can do the job any better than these two. Buying one = killing deer, period.
You will get a little flatter trajectory out of the 270, but the 30-06 will have a little more punch down range at 300 plus yards. The trade off equals the two out so its really a toss up you could flip a coin an come out smelling good on this one.
i gess another way of looking at it is. if you start hunting other animals other than deer, would it more than likely be somthing smaller ie. coyoty, or something larger like bear or moose. .270 would be better for the small stuff, 06 would be better for tha large stuff. although bolth rounds could do ether job. i see in your other post your only 18. did you play football in high school or run x-countery? if your a corn feed boy you could shoot the 06 all day without a sore sholder. however if your a tall lanky kid and the 06 recoil hurts your sholder it will negitivley affect your shooting acuracy. as you may now there is a bad ammo shortage in this countery right now, so avalibility of ammo may be somthing you want to take into consideration. however as stated before you realy can not go wrong by buying ether round. hope this helps you some.
I played football so recoil is not a problem. I'm just looking for purely the best performing
good luck

i just bought a ruger m77 270 a week ago, its a really nice gun you can get amazing range and great accuracy with a 270 not to sure about a 30-06
bullets for the 06 range from the 55 gr accelerator to 220 gr round nose that's a pretty big range to cover anything a guy could want to hunt. not sure what the range is in the 270. not taking anything away from the 270, just putting the info out there. who was that old timer out west that used the 270 all the time? no not onehorse, wink. big time writer for the mags and of books.
Jack O'Conner is the man you are thinking of Ronn an he swore you could kill any animal that walks this planet with a 270 he once killed a bull elephant with he's trusty 270. I'm not saying if your going elephant hunting you need a 270 by no meens I'm just saying as the late O'Conner said with the right bullet an the right shot placement the 270 is hard to beat by a 30-06 or any other caliber made you can find 130 an 150 gr loadings at any walmart or any superstore that sells ammo plus there are hundereds of different bullets an loads available at most gun stores an Bass pro, Cabelas an the like just as many as for the 30 -06.
yup thats the guy. so I thnk we have pretty well shown either are top of the heap. but wait, what about the .280?
That was just remington trying to keep up with the 270 win. you notice the 280 is a rem. Still the 280 is a fine caliber.
you might as well throw in the 308:whistling:
Would 130 grain be plenty to take down a deer or am I better off with the 150 grain in .270
130 for deer sized game 150 for elk moose an caribou.
I use all three bullets, 130, 140, and 150. There are so many variables on bullet componets and construction I would just shoot what your rifle groups best with. I like premium bullets no matter what caliber I'm hunting with this might be overkill but I like quality. Swift A-frames in Remington's safari grade ammo in 140 gr 270 round is a great combination. Noslers also have a great history on performance.
I am not an experienced deer hunter but I shoot a 30.06 with 165 grain bullets and I have only had to track 2 deer about 40 yards each. The others just fell over right in their tracks. I never played football in school, only weigh 160 pounds, and have had no problems at all shooting the 30.06:no:......just sayin. :wink:
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