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260 Remington

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Im looking to purchase a barrel for my TC Encore in a 260 Remington. I have never shot one but the research I have done on them say they are replacing the .308 in match shooting. Does anyone have any experience with this caliber?
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Shot a whitetail buck with a borrowed one a few years ago. Killed him just as dead as any other rifle caliber would have.
I purchased one for my son's first deer rifle. It was a Browning A-bolt with the boss system. It's a great deer gitter with the speer 140 gr, unfotunately the boss system made such a high piercing noise you couldn't shoot it so he sold it. There's nothing wrong with the 260 just don't get a boss system.
thats what i carried this year in a remington modle 7. shooting 140 federal vital-shok. i'm with hm on the boss. i wouldn't own a rifle with any type of boss system.
I appreciate all the comments guys. I have been looking for a smaller caliber rifle to offset the 7mm mag and the 270 already in the safe. I think the 260 is the one Im gonna get.
showed mine to a friend he started doing some poking around and was very impressed with what he read and told me that the 260 is the next caliber he gets.
Okay guys, maybe I'm more than just a little confused.

What's so great about the .260 that would make me go out and buy one? I own a .270 and a .243 and have bounced the simple ballistics from Remington Express Core-Lokt for both the .243 and .260 and don't see a whole heck of a lot of difference.

Personally, I'm a history buff. I have a WWII era M1 Carbine and am looking for the Carbine's big brother to complete my little 'collection'. It's in .30-06 which will let me 'reach out' and touch something - the M1 Garand.

I'd never try to talk anyone out of getting a new rifle, but now that I know you already have a 7mm and .270, I'm sort of with rdrader2002 on this. With the calbers you already have, you aren't going to gain much with the .260. If I were you, I'd consider a lighter caliber.
its not that Im really trying to gain anything over the rifles I already have, I have been looking at the .260 because it seems to have some semi long range capabilities without the recoil (not that recoil is much of an issue) and without the weight of a magnum rifle. After several days of carrying a magnum thru the mountains of southwestern Virginia it really starts to wear on your sholders. Plus I think a man can never have too many guns so this is just another one for the collection.
"Plus I think a man can never have too many guns so this is just another one for the collection."

Ya know, that's one comment that I'll never argue against!

But going from a .270 to a .260 is still something I'm a little confused on. The .243 has about the same ballistics (checked out the Remington ballistics charts already) with their 100 grain as the .260 with the 140 grain (plain Core-Lokt for both) and you have a much lighter rifle to be toting across the countryside. Just adding my two cents worth is all.

What was that line from one of those Indiana Jones movies? - "Choose wisely!" - <grin>

The 260 shooting a 140 gr bullet is going to have considerable more knockdown power than a 243 shooting a 100 gr bullet given the speed is nearly the same. I too just enjoy having rifles in my collection that are different calibers in case I get the itch that day. I enjoy shooting just about everything from 444 marlin to 22 so why not have them all!:ibtl:
Just don't tell the wife hide them in your safe.
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