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25.06 is it enough

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just want some info on the 25.06 can it cleanly kill deersize game? currently shoot a .270 and its great any info will help .
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Welcome bestman, Glad to have you join the deer hunters club....
I'm sure the .25-06 is a great cartridge for deer sized animals and YES It can cleanly kill a deer if you use the heavier bullets for the caliber.
But If you're currently shooting a .270, (which I believe is the ideal weapon for Deer) why would you consider the .25-06 caliber?

Also if you decide to use the .25-06 be sure you use the heaviest bullets for optimum penetration of bone and muscle tissue,
I wouldn't recommend lightweight bullets in the .25-06 for Deer sized animals, lightweight bullets were designed more for smaller game like Coyotes, woodchuck, raccoons, etc etc etc... I hope my input helps...
Good Luck...
BB is right on, the 25-06 which is a necked down 30-06 for speed doesn't really do anything better than a 270 win. The bullet weight advantage of the 270 makes it the better choise for deer/elk. If the 25-06 was primarally used for antelope and an occasional deer maybe I could sway twords it. I'm pretty sure that was the origional idea for the widlcat development for western light weight animals. The 300 yd drop on the 120 gr 25-06 is 7.2" vs the 130gr 270 at 6.7" and you'll have more stored energy with the 270's heavier bullet. Stick with the 270 it just does most things better.
bestman - I concur with the above feedback. The .25-06 was designed for the mid sized plains game of the West. The recoil is less than .270. I was interested in buying a .25-06 however I am first buying a Rem 7600 in .270 Win so I may scrap the idea. Most of my hunting is done in the thick woods of New England so in my opinion the .25-06 doesn't match to the terrain very well. I am lucky to see 75-100 yards in the areas I assualt. I also hunt NY which is why I am going with the .270.
Hi, from Montana, Bestman. I pretty much agree with the other guys. Although the 25/06 can easily kill any deer at any reasonable range, if you already have a .270, there's no reason I can think of to switch to a 25/06. The .270 has been around for a long time - Winchester introduced it in 1925 - and it is still going strong. Whatever you shoot, be sure to match the bullet weight and construction to the job at hand. Even the right "light" weight bullet can be incredibly effective if it has the right construction. The most popular weight for the .270 is the 130 grainer. That will drop any deer in it's tracks provided you hit it in the right place - which is the key to killing any animal no matter how big your bullet is or what caliber you are using.
the rifle is for my wife. I was taking recoil into consideration. and just heard it to be more of a varmint round.thanks for the info..
That does change things a bit, I wish that I had shot a 25-06 to know the recoil difference. If a woman doesn't like the recoil of a 270 try the Rem 260. It will shoot a 140 gr bullet and recoil is like a 243 this I do know as my son had a 260 as a 14 year old and had no problems. I shot my first buck with a 243 which is a great smaller cal.
the rifle is for my wife. I was taking recoil into consideration. and just heard it to be more of a varmint round.thanks for the info..
Have you tried a recoil pad, sometimes that could make all the difference in the world, It might also save you some money if the recoil pad works for your wife... Good Luck...
Limbsaver makes an excellent recoil pad:nerd:
I agree with Joel. Those Limbsavers are unbelieveable. I shoot a 270 WSM and 300 WSM, and it really tames these magnums. I feel more of a push than a sharp jolt. And guess what, NO sore or bruised shoudle! Also, that .260 Rem. is a real sweet shooter - probably designed for a woman, but strong enough for a man. Hey, I'm starting to sound like a deodorant commercial!:lol:
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