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Hello All!

I am getting ready to go to West TN Saturday and have a 4-5 day hunt. I have been psyched up for the last few days and since I had some extra cash and some Gander Mtn. Coupons I went out and bought some new scent brands that I have never tried before.

My first purchase was the Doe in Estrus Buck Bomb. I have seen this and similar items for a few years but never thought much about them. They were going for around 4-5 bucks (lol) a pop so I picked them up. I do have to say I'm a little worried about the quaility of an aerosol scent but it never hurts to try.

Next was 24Seven Granular Doe in Heat. This is the product that I am truly excited about using. The packaging claims that the scent will last for around seven days. This will be a great relief rather then having to buy more and more liquid scents to put on the old rags that I hang from my stands. Once again though, I am a little worried that the item may be just a little to synthetic to attract the truly big bucks. However, upon removing the product from its packaging, the scent was VERY strong and seemed to smell as good as Tinks and other high priced brands.

Anywho, let me know if any of yall have ever tried these items. Maybe I didn't waste my money, but even if I did, I have to admit that I like using new little gimicks every now and then.

Thanks y'all!
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