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i shot a deer today with my 243 that was 327 yards away with these winchester bullets. they dont knock them off their feet but they dont run far either. what 243 bullets does everyone else shoot?
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congrats on the looooooong shot. I shot my first buck with a 243 quite a few years back, it went about 15 yds with a perfect heart shot. I shot factory winchester ammo out of a remington model 700 bdl.
That 243 is a great whitetail deer gun. Both of my sons have Savages chambered in that caliber. I shoot a 270 that I just got this year for whitetail. My youngest son just killed his first deer and it went right down without taking a single step.

I shoot Remington Core-Lokt 100 grain in my Savage Model 11. My # 2 son dropped his first deer with it a couple years back, but we haven't used it much since. We've been trying out some of the other rifles that we have.

A few years back, I shot at a deer that bolted like a scalded rabbit. I was ready to head for the house after that, but my # 1 son said we should at least walk down to where it was standing before I shot at it. Neither one of us could believe it, but there was blood spatter on the ground so we started to follow the blood trail. Sure enough, about 65-70 yards later we found the doe - dead as the proverbial doornail.

It wasn't until field dressing the doe up at the house that we made a really neat discovery. There was a bullet hole right through the doe's heart. May sound a little gross, but I actually stuck my finger right in the hole. I still find it hard to believe that deer ran that far with a bullet hole right through its heart.
Here's what a .243 can kill with good shot placement and a well-constructed bullet:

This is the largest bull elk I ever mounted as a taxidermist. It was killed by a 16 years old boy who was shooting a .243 using Barnes bullets. The bull dropped in its tracks to a heart shot.
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