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I pondered the decision on a .243 vs 25-06 six months ago. I ended up going with the 25-06. I use the 25-06 for coyotes/deer and a .270 for deer only. Here are some pro's and con's for both cals.

1. Recoil is less than the 25-06.
2. Ballistically a very flat good long range round. (300-400 yards?)
3. Ammo is mainstream and plentiful.
4. Would not recommend to use on anything larger than deer size game.
5. Great coyote gun and good deer gun

1. Recoil is more than the .243 on the 115-120 gr bullets. Can effectively use 100 gr bullets for deer with the same/better results as the .243
2. Good consistent 400-500 yard caliber. Ballistics are superior to the .243
3. Ammo is not as mainstream and costs more than the .243
4. Great coyote/deer rifle.

Summary: I think the 25-06 has more to offer in flexibility. The caliber has been around since '69 but wildcatted since the '40-50's. Using 100gr bullets will address your recoil concerns and give you a bullet that will still get the job done. Your call but I think the 25-06 rules over the .243.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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