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my son shoots a 243 great little gun. if you go with this small of a gun(here in KY that is the smallest gun allowed for deer hunting) I would look more for neck shots that heart and lungs. the animal will not run near as far with a neck shot with that gun.( been there) I shoot a 270 and like it but still get a 20 yard run with a heart shot. both of these guns make small impact holes so some times it takes a min or two to get any kind of a blood trail if you have to track. and as far as recoil my sons 243 kicks harder than my 270 mostly I think is do to his being a youth gun and has a realy short barrel. between the two shells they are about the same but the 270 is a little bigger with about doubble the powder. if your looking at hunting heavy covered areas I would look into the good ol 30/30 great brush gun little veavy but heavy guns realy help in the recoil area.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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