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.22LR Rifle

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Best all around .22LR rifle for the money...? Suggestions?
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Do you want a bolt action, semi auto, lever action...etc? I'm a Marlin guy personally but since they've been bought by Remington they have terrible quality, so you would have to buy an older one. For semi auto I would say a Marlin 60 or 795, depending on whether you want a tube fed or magazine fed, and they can usually be found for around $100. For bolt action probably a Marlin 925. And my personal favorite, a lever action Marlin 39A. The 39A's are somewhat expensive but they are worth it. A couple years ago I bought a 1955 Marlin 39A "Mountie" (20" barrel and straight grip stock) for $325.
Browning semi-auto takedown one of the very best 22 cal ever made.
I like rugers 10-22 because there are all kinds of accessories to add to it so you can give it a cool tactical look and stuff.
Browning or Ruger 10-22 for semi auto. There are a few good single shots that work well for kids such as the Rossi or TC HotShot. I like the older Marlins a lot as well. My dad has a lever action Marlin from the 1970's and my brother has a bolt action Marlin from the1980s and both are great little .22s.
I've never seen a .22LR I didn't like. All the ones mentioned so far are excellent choices,
You may want to give the Mossberg 802 Plinkster a look and I want to mention the Henry Lever Action also.
Good Luck
For plinking maybe a Marlin model 60 or a Ruger 10/22.I have a great bolt action Savage 93bvss extremely accurate for hunting small game.
What about a Mossberg Tactical .22? Anyone know of anything about them?
I like the Remington 572.
What about a Mossberg Tactical .22? Anyone know of anything about them?

Tactical? Please more info if you will. Pics would be nice too BC780. Thanks.
Mossberg .22lr Tactical

O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. - Firearms, Shotguns, Rifles, Accessories, and Precision Machining

It's based off the AR-15 Platform... same internals as the 702 Plinkster with a polymer frame wrapped around it.

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Im torn between the Mossberg Tactical and a Ruger 10/22 Carbine...

im not really gonna use it for small game or anything unless i start to have a ground hog invasion... just mostly plinking around and trying to see how far i can stretch it out down range... max like 300yds

I know it would be better to get the 10/22 Target for the distance because of the extra 2 inches of barrel length but the carbine and the tactical are exactly the same price and right in my budget.
What about a Mossberg Tactical .22? Anyone know of anything about them?
Cheap garbage. It's their semi auto 22 in a cheesy plastic shell.
If u want an ar platform in a 22 go with the smith&wesson way better quality and much better firearm.I also dont no about 300 yds with a 22lr more like 100 yd max and probably shorter with either the models you have spoke of.
Remington Nylon 66; Ruger 10/22; Marlin Model 60 (C or SS) but get the tube magazine; Remington 582; Henry 22 Lever action ....
well most of you know how I vote but I will say it anyway Ruger 10/22
another tatical looking .22 is the smith and wesson M&P 15/22 but i thik it is out of your price range
I have two of the Henry lever actions. Really like them. Shoot well but I put a scope on it because regular sights are two fat. They also hold 16 rounds.
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