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2010 season

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well the 2010 deer season has started. i'm doing some scouting going out today to check out areas adjacent to where i was last season.

there is another area i think i need to walk and get some cameras in, near where i'm working. there are a number of deer trails crossing the road and they are being used regularly, so its worth a look. i know the deer were in there last year but i don't know what they were, time to find out. that and I was devoted to the area i was in knowing what was running around. we haven't had but a couple snows so the deer are still in their fall pattern digging up acorns from the soft less than a foot snow. its only 8 months to the opener and 5 months to stand hanging time. so time to find out what made it through the '09 season and find options for '10.

also i'm working on finding places to hunt in ohio, pa, and other states.
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Seeing the same fall patterns here because we are kind of having a melt and the acorn flats are getting action.
this is why scouting now is good.

well definded trails



feeding areas

all real easy to see/find
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looked just like PA when I left a week ago.
Holy Toleod, so glad

Holy Toleod, so glad I clicked on this site first! uscdmqxcx [link=]qzlcqlh[/link]
Certainly a great advantage to use the snow like that. When I was a kid the snowfall was huge every year. It was no suprise to see 6 inches of snow on the ground in mid November. Nowadays it has reduced greatly. Have you guys noticed alot less snow over the years ronn, HM??????????
TG, when I was a kid we had mountains of snow here in NW ohio. Now I get the snow blower out maybe twice.
not really. it always seems to be about average. couple winters ago we had record snow fall. in the neighborhood of 12 feet. some years we get an early snow, middle-end of oct, others not till jan. el nino el nina?
i'm taking tomorrow off, so i think i'm going in to poke around a little more. suppose to be snowing all night and snow showers in the morning. probably won't see any fresh tracks but the old ones should still be visible. plus being new woods i can get a feel for whats just outside my known area.
7 more inches of snow last night. headed north to snowshoe in to tuckerman's ravine, not up it just in to it. still not enough snow to change the deer pattern yet but its gettin close as long as it doesn't lock up they won't change.
still going here until 1/31.....Saturday a good day to hunt with rain coming in late bro-in-law and his hunting buddy got three......I've had the "crud" and still coughing alot so it has really been rough not being able to hunt. Good luck with your scouting, I hope maybe I'll get to go hunt this wkend. GOD bless!!cdg"??"
All we get is rain :crybaby:
And I want to go look for sheds
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