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So I'm the new guy.. I haven't been deer hunting since I was in third grade and I went with my dad. (I'm 30 now)

I wanted to share my morning.

I was in the stand locked and loaded and ready to go by about 5:45. I sat and waited for the sun to come up. at about 6:15 the sun was starting to come up, and I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, I turned to the left, and saw the biggest deer in the world, as I'm waiting for my shot I see two more move in behind that are BIGGER! I can barely keep my hands from shaking long enough to aim.

At this point I'm trying to call myself down, and decide which one I want, When all of a sudden, the biggest of the three Moos at me...

I was about 3 pounds of pressure away from shooting one of my parents neighbor's dairy cows... :bag:
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