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This was taken on a trade-I honestly dont know much about it. I do have the title that says it is a 1978 model and weighs 4400 pounds. It is very sturdy. will not be blowing over in any storms!! I know that the electric and propane heat work fine.It comes with 2 propane tanks. the A/C works, but does start to squeel after it is running for awhile. Floor is good, windows good. It has two leaks-one in the roof, and one small one under the bathroom sink. We have kept a tarp over it so the leak in the roof doesn't get worse. My husband says itcan easily be fixed by resealing the roof from the outside. the other leak was from the freezing weather this winter, and seems to be in the fitting under the sink. Should be able to replace the fitting and solve the problem. electricity works, and all lights/plugs work. Some signs of rust on the outside, but all in all, in pretty good shape! And tires seem to be in fair condition.
It has one bed, a couch, table, bathroom, smal shower, sink, kitchen and kitchen sink. Also has working stove and oven It would be perfect for someone to fix up and use for weekend camping trips, or just to take to the deer lease. Located in NW Weatherford, Peaster area.
Price is FIRM.
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