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I've been on a kick lately, watching a few Christian movies.

I recently saw, "Faith Like Potatoes." Good enough story to tell, but it could have used a stronger director. Enjoyable, nonetheless. I actually got more from the additional content on the DVD. Really drove home the point that, instead of starting out with a big goal in mind, minister to your family first. Build a strong core at home and work from there.

Another movie I saw was, "How To Save a Life." Interestingly, it has a young Steven Crowder in the film (he does video-blogging). Story of a high school kid who has it all and realizes he sacrificed the important things in life to achieve it. Very good storyline, production value and directing. Message may strike a chord with high school teenagers, though the content is mature (including discussions about pre-marital sex and contemplating an abortion).

Finally, "Paul" tells the story of . . . Paul. Makes sense. Again, very good production, direction, acting. Brought "Acts" to life and moves fluidly. One weird thing is that early in the movie, Paul and some other guy are wrestling and, well, they're nekkid. Not sure why that was in there, but if you can move through that quick scene, the rest of the movie is worth watching.

You can also find various books of the Bible, Old Testament, on Netflix. I think ABC had almost ten produced at one time with some actual Hollywood talent. The guy from Grey's Anatomy was in a couple and did a very good job in "Jeremiah."

Ok, I guess I've wandered enough off topic.
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