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17 hmr

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I'm thinking about purchasing a 17 HMR. Which make would be better? A marlin or savage?
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From the reviews I've read, the Savage makes the best all around gun.
:ibtl:i have a savage .243 and love it it is themost accurate gun ive shot in a long time the accutrigger is great. if anyone close has a savage try shooting it then try a different gun youll be sold i am sure.
When it comes to choosing weapons it doesn't boil down to whats the better or most accurate any more
All rifle manufacturers are competeing very well against each other now.
A good shooter can achieve good accuracy with most any weapon he chooses, he may have to try different ammo's
and adjust his sites a few times but in the long run he should be able to become a safe shooter and hunting accurate.
I think a savage is a very good weapon but that doesn't mean it's better than the other rifle makers.
The rifle you choose should be the one you're most comfortable with, Personally, If I were buying a .17 HMR
I'd get the Ruger K77/17, that's my opinion but if your final choices are between the Marlin or Savage I'd opt for the savage too..
I hope this helps. Good Luck to you on which ever you choose.
couldn't agree more with bruce on this one. ruger 77 is the best small caliber practical rifle out there. i have the 22 and the 22 hornet very sweet both. if its $$ then the savage. got 3 savage rifles based on the 110 and like them very much. i don't have any of their small caliber rifles.

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love it
Ive never shot the ruger or marlin in .17 but I did shoot a savage model 93 (i think thats the model) over the holidays.. It was an accurate fun gun to shoot.
I've had the is a great shooter.but,i didn't like the factory trigger so i changed it.if i was buying all over again,and i had to pick between the two,it would be savage.mainly because of the accu trigger.
I have the Savage 17 hmr i love the accu trigger But it thought I would use it more than I do. I think I might have been just as good off with a 22-250. But I would get the bull barrel and the savage with the accu trigger.
The ruger is a little on the high side for more because all Im going to do is play around with it. I dont want to spend around $800 on a gun that i cant even deer hunt with! That is why i have narrowed it down between the savage and marlin. I have shot the marlin and its a good little gun but i also like the accutrigger on the savage. I think I am just going to go with the savage. What about the sweet 17 scopes? are they pretty accurate? and dependable
I'm thinking about purchasing a 17 HMR. Which make would be better? A marlin or savage?
I had the marlin with the heavy barrel until i shot a savage. I bought the savage with a heavy barrel and thumbhole stock. both are solid rifles, but the accutrigger makes the savage top choice
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