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10yr old first hunt

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Well yesterday i picked up my nephew from school and i told him we were going hunting.This was his first hunt.we've both been begging his mom to go.We went home walked the dog and grabbed some drinks for the day pack.In NY you have to be 14 to deer hunt so he was my "camera man".i gave him a camo shirt that looked a dress on him Laughing and my orange hat and vest,pair of bdu's and some boots he was ready.We drove to the spot 15mins away some watershed property that i had bonus doe tags for.I've hunted here before and seen plenty of we drove in in he did some taping and some commentary on how happy and excited he was ,priceless stuff.We got to the spot and sprayed down with scent killler and started up the hill,along the way i taught him how to walk very slow and to pause every couple steps and look around.we found some nice rubs and scrapes,he knew what both were.thanks to all those hunting mags i gave him to help with his reading.We made it to the ground blind,a big boulder with fallen limbs and rocks piled round it.i explained why it was a good spot and we found a licking branch scrape and rub not 20 yards it was now 430 shooting time ends at 602 that day.We waited he used the binoculars ate beef jerky for the first time ,he loves it ate my whole bag.played with the grunt call and the deer appeared .we saw lots of squirells and chipmunks and birds .we packed up and walked out he loved my head lamp that has 3 lights red was his fave ,saying"i feel like a special ops guy" we went home did the homework and ate pasta.I asked "what was your favorite part about the hunt?"His answer was"just being out there with you having a good time i don't care that we didn't see one(deer) maybe next time"I said yup "maybe next time.I got me a new hunting buddy for life
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thats dadburn cool. thats what hunting is all about. that boy will prob grow up to be one good hunter.

congrats on the new camera man/ hunting partner
Cool story...... I always say start em in the woods young,, that way they're not on the streets with God knows who, doing God knows what....
bruce me and you are cut from the same cloth.
I think you might be right on !!!

:biggrin:That's what it's all about man:biggrin:
takin a kid hunting for the first time is wonderful... My daughter is eight.. I'm trying to talk her into going this year.. I hope she goes...
Word to the wise.

Consider your daughters age, and feelings on killing. I made the mistake of taking my daughter out duck hunting, when she was 10 and found out that hunting and killing wasn't for her.

It saddened me, I should have waited untill she was older.

Just thought you should know.

It's great to take the kids on hunts or teach them to hunt but don't let the mistake of taking them at an early age be your mistake, Wait until they decide they want to go and no sooner... If they decide they want to hunt, I would set a minimum age limit of 14 years old,,, no younger... it would be ok to take them at a younger age but only as learning spectators not hunters... and even at 14 years old IF you don't feel they are safe ethical hunters, then DON'T let them hunt yet... Some men or women may not agree with me on this but irresponsible Children and Hunting Weapons don't mix...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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