Darrell Morse

Hunting ManDarrell was born in Northwest Ohio in 1954 where he continues to live on the Western basin of Lake Erie. His hunting passion was fueled early in his life pursuing small game with his dad. Due to the plenitiful marsh lands around Lake Erie he also hunted migratory birds for many years.

Darrell started hunting the whitetail deer at age 11. Currently, most of his hunting is in North Central Pennsylvania, the UP of Michigan, and Southern Ohio. He primarily hunts with flintlock muzzleloaders and archery equipment. He has also participated in two do-it-yourself elk hunting adventures in Colorado.
Outside of hunting season you will catch Darrell still involved in his outdoor passions. Trophy pike fishing in Canada, walleye fishing on Lake Erie, and preparing and managing his food plots in Pennsylvania.

Darrell joined DeerHuntersClub in 2007 and started moderating for us in 2008. His forum nickname is Hunting Man and you will see many informative posts contributed by him. He is an easy to get along with forum moderator that has a tremendous amount of knowledge of many hunting related activities. He will be one of the first members of our forums to make you feel welcome.

Why Do I Hunt?
If you asked me at the start of my hunting career, why do I I hunt, it might have sounded something like this: I just want to shoot something, you know, rabbits, pheasants, ducks, trees and maybe just dumb old rocks. I’m sure many of you had the same goals as I did way back then…

Modern Flintlock Hunting Today
Flintlock muzzle loading is alive and thriving across America. I started black powder hunting in the late 1970’s and continue to hunt in the mountains of Pennsylvania during their late flintlock hunting season.

Black Powder Firearm Cleaning
The cleaning of black powder firearms has evolved much like the guns themselves have. When true black powder is used the general cleaning system is to heat up some water add a little soap, swab the barrel and scrub the parts until everything was clean.