Ryan Taylor

Ryan TaylorI was born in Columbia, Missouri in 1980 and grew up in the small town of Cairo, Missouri. While in HS I loved playing just about every sport my school offered. In 2001 I joined the ARMY and became a Missouri National Guardsman. I enjoyed my time in the military for 4 years. In 2004 I met the most beautiful girl in the world who I suckered into marrying me. Currently we have a 3 year old son and we have a baby that was born in August 2011.

My wife and I are both teachers and we enjoy being around and teaching the youth of this world. Plus, I have to admit I enjoy having 3 months a year off fully paid!

My extreme love for hunting whitetails started about the same time my wife and I met for the first time. I have hunted whitetail deer religiously for 6 years now and enjoy everything from scouting, to setting up stands, preparing to hunt, shed hunting and flat out hunting itself! Growing up it was hard for my father and me to find places to hunt whitetails. Only having gone a few times as a child, my love for this sport has increasingly grown since my early 20’s. As a child, I loved spending time outdoors mainly playing sports. I was a basketball nut who had a nice shot!

Other hobbies include playing with my boy every chance I can get, and playing golf and slow pitch softball. My wife and I enjoy spending time outdoors with our son and we like playing basketball with him and exploring the land! We also enjoy going to ST. LOUIS CARDINALS games, MU tiger games, and local sports contests as well. I like building things like tree stands, blinds and club houses on the side.

Finally, I believe that God sent His only son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for my and your sins and I’ve very thankful and proud to be a Christian American. I give God the glory everyday of my life and I consistently thank Him for giving a loving family and the great outdoors to hunt wildlife!

Tree vs. Blind Hunting
Many times people fail to make the correct decision when deciding to hunt whitetails on the ground or in the tree. There are many determining factors to consider when you have the options to do either one. Stand hunting is what many hunters prefer…

Hunting White Tails in Non-Wooded Areas
The land in which I hunt is mainly made up of non-wooded areas. There is a sixty acres of hayfield, sixty acres of grazing land and another forty in crop land. I also have access to fifty acres of heavily wooded land. For some reason, I tend to hunt the non-wooded areas much more often than the wooded. Why is this?

Hunting the Pre-Rut
Ahh, the age old question, how do I hunt something that only comes out at night? It’s a fact, as bucks grow older they get wiser, just like people, well most people. They know exactly when to be on their feet and when to be bedded down…

Baiting Whitetail Deer
The question of whether or not to bait whitetails has caused many discussions and arguments. There are hunters who bait constantly because it’s legal in their area, there are hunters who bait their property when it’s not legal, and there are hunters who just don’t bait…

Antlers or Horns?
Many people use the term horns when referring to a whitetail bucks rack. In fact, horns are made out of keratin and they grow and stay in place for the rest of an animals life (unless cut off).