Scent Killer Review

Product: Scent Killer

Company: Wildlife Research Center (

Cost: There are a variety of sizes you may purchase to fit your needs and or budget. $10 – $25. They also back their products with a 100% money back guarantee.

Availability: Scent killer is easily attained. You can purchase online and have it shipped to your front door or buy it in multiple outdoor sporting good stores.

Personal Experience: I have been using this product religiously for the past several years. It is affordable, easy to get, and a must have when I am scouting or hunting the whitetail deer. Several years back I got in the woods a little after daylight and decided to just hunt off the ground on the edge of a field.

That morning I had a group of does come out of the woods about 20 yards from me. One of the does saw me and decided to come for a closer look. She would take several steps toward me and then stop to raise her nose to try and wind me. She did this routine of taking several steps and stopping to sniff until she was within 8 feet or so. At this time I was shaking from the inside out. She sniffed around for approximately 30 more seconds before she decided that I was of no fear to her She then went back to join the group of does as they crossed the field.

I give a lot of credit to scent killer for that experience. It was not the only factor in that experience but I believe it played a heavy role. I still hunt with the wind in my favor and take other precautions to cover my scent as well but you never know when scent killer will hide the one scent that lets that wary deer move into your shooting lane. In my stash of hunting gear equipment Scent Killer will always have a place.

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