Wisconsin Deer Hunting

Most folks know Wisconsin for cheese and the Green Bay packers.  Deer Hunting is also a great sporting activity in this state.  Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resource estimates that hunters, photographers, etc., pump over a billion dollars a year into the economy of their state, and supports thousands of full time and part time jobs.

Wisconsin is also known for harsh winters, and this can wreak havoc on a deer population.  However WDNR has done a great job of managing the population with post hunting season goals since 1962, and post hunting season deer populations are estimated over a million currently.  Deer populations are heaviest in the east-central section of the state and moving south. 

Wisconsin Deer Hunting Facts

  • Deer population numbers well over 1 million.
  • Rifle Season is only 9 days long.
  • Over 100,000 deer taken per year.
  • The James Jordan buck, taken in 1914 is still one of the most famous typical bucks ever taken.  It scored a massive 206 1/8 on the B&C scale.  It was the world record holder until 1993.
  • The largest recorded non-typical buck taken, scored 247 3/8 and was taken in 1998.

Popular Public Hunting Areas

Wisconsin has been acquiring lands for public recreational use for well over a hundred years.  This has resulted in a huge list of areas that hunters and wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy.

The Wisconsin Dept. of Natural resources has an alphabetized list of public deer hunting locations in Wisconsin here:  WDNA list

Wisconsin Private Hunting Areas

Do you own private hunting land or offer guided hunts in Wisconsin? Contact us about a listing in this section!

Other Resources

For Wisconsin hunting license information, rules and regulations, visit the Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources