Tennessee Deer Hunting

Tennessee deer hunting has come a long way in the past 100 years. After massive unchecked and unregulated hunting for hundreds of years, the total deer population in Tennessee was estimated at a lowly 2000 in the early 1900’s. Through aggressive breeding, trapping and relocation efforts by wildlife resource agencies and even the US Navy, Tennessee’s deer herd has rebounded strongly and numbers more than 1 million by current counts.

The deer rut peak for the Tennessee herd is usually around mid-November. The 200,000 strong deer hunters in this state enjoy good success, as roughly 1 of every 2 hunters took at least one deer in 2006. Success isn’t the only thing Tennessee hunters enjoy. The state’s geographic location makes for a mild winter compared to many locations, and that means a much more comfortable hunt.

Tennessee Deer Hunting Facts

  • Deer population numbers near 1 million.
  • 200,000 estimated active deer hunters.
  • Largest non-typical buck ever taken was a B&C scored 244 3/8. It was taken by David Wachtel with a muzzleloader during the 2000 hunting season.
  • Largest typical buck ever taken scored 186 1/8. This record has held since 1959!

Popular Public Hunting Areas

Perry County – Heartwood PHA covers a 7000 acre area. Hunting permits are required and cost is $15 for aduts and $12.50 for hunters under 16, and for seniors (65+). For more information, you can contact the TWRA Region I office (731) 423-5725.

Campbell County – Ataya PHA covers 51,000 acres and includes more than just Campbell County. For more information about hunting this area, contact Resources Management Inc. at (606) 248-2235 .

Tennessee Private Hunting Areas

Do you own private hunting land or offer guided hunts in Tennessee? Contact us about a listing in this section!

Other Resources

For Tennessee hunting license information, rules and regulations, visit the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

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