Kansas Deer Hunting

Today, Kansas is an excellent state for both whitetail and mule deer hunting. As with many other popular deer hunting states, Kansas was once home to an abundance of big game animals, including bison, deer, antelope and elk. Due to irresponsible land management practices and the usual over-hunting, big game was largely exterminated by the turn of the 20th century.

Wildlife conservationists have been working hard to reverse this trend, and in 1965, the Kansas deer herd had built back to a large enough population to have the first modern deer season, though there were a limited number of deer hunting permits available. Mule deer are now found in good numbers in the western parts of the state. Whitetail deer thrive throughout the state, with the best populations found the further east you go in Kansas.

The Kansas deer herd has seen a big increase in the past two decades, and deer hunters will certainly have their shots at trophy class whitetail bucks in this state. Hunters who do bring down a trophy buck can receive an official Kansas Trophy Certificate if the antlers meet certain specifications. The Kansas Wildlife and Parks Department also keeps top 20 records on file and proudly displays them on their website for deer and elk trophies. If you happen to make the top 20 list, please drop us a line in our deer hunting forums and gloat a little bit!

Kansas Deer Hunting Facts

  • The current record typical whitetail is Dennis Finger’s buck, measuring at 198 2/8 and harvested in 1974.
  • The biggest non-typical record buck is a monster 280 4/8 taken by Joseph Waters in 1984.
  • In 2005, the US Fish and Wildlife services estimated that Kansas big game hunters spent an estimated $65 million annually on equipment and hunting related expenses. They also noted that all hunters combined, for all different types of game spent an estimated $245 million each year.
  • Deer hunters specifically and deer watchers/photographers contribute roughly $125 million to the Kansas economy each year. Deer are big business in Kansas!

Popular Public Hunting Areas in Kansas

The state has many public Wildlife Areas that are managed and available to Kansas deer hunters. Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks has divided the state into 5 regions for ease of administration and interested hunters are encouraged to contact these fully staffed regional offices for information on public and special hunts available to them.

For a list of the regions and contact information for each, view this link: Kansas Hunting Regions and Contact Info.

Kansas Private Hunting Areas

For the best shot at a trophy sized buck, you should strongly consider paying for a private or guided hunt if you have the funds. There are many Kansas outfitters and guides who help point you to the location of one of those top 20 caliber whitetails.

If you are a Kansas guide or outfitter, please contact us about listing your service here for our members benefit!

Other Resources

For regulations, season dates and other information, visit the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website.