Indiana Deer Hunting

When people began settling in Indiana in the 1800’s, whitetail deer were numerous. Hunting whitetail deer was an important source of food for families in the state. Because the hunting was unregulated and hunters hunted year round, the deer numbers declined drastically in the early 1900’s almost to extinction.

In 1951, Indiana had its first regulated deer hunting season with approximately 16,000 hunters buying tags in the state. The first deer hunting season brought a harvest of 1,590 deer. Today, 134,004 whitetails were taken in 2010. This big jump in deer harvest numbers is accredited to the popularity of hunting whitetails.

Indiana Whitetail Hunting Facts
Military servicemen and women who are non-residents may hunt in the state of Indiana with a resident tag.

Indiana offers its youth (17 years old and younger) two special hunting time periods per year where they are able to hunt with an adult (18 years or older).

In Indiana it is legal to hunt with laser sights.

In 1985, B. Dodd Porter took a buck that scored 195 1/8 in Park County, Indiana. This buck is on record as the largest firearm typical whitetail taken in state history.

In 1980, Timothy J. Good harvested a buck that scored 251 4/8 in Hendricks County, Indiana. This buck is on record as the largest firearm non-typical whitetail taken in state history.

Popular Public Hunting Lands
Indiana has close to 80 public lands that are forests, conservation areas, refuge areas, and wildlife areas. Many of these areas offer public hunting land for whitetail hunters to access. Some of the areas only allow archery hunting and some areas are available to hunt only through drawings.

Hoosier National Forest is 18,452 acres of prime whitetail hunting in south central Indiana. Hoosier National Forest is very popular hunting land among Indiana residents.

Indiana Private Hunting Areas
Do you own private hunting land or offer guided hunts in Indiana? Contact us about a listing in this section!

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