Colorado Deer Hunting

When many people think of Colorado they think of mule deer, elk, bear and moose hunting. The whitetail population is rapidly growing every year though. In 1949, it was reported that whitetails has become all but extinct in the area. Since the 1970’s, though, whitetail deer numbers have increased greatly, especially in the eastern part of the state. Much of the eastern part of the state is owned privately but there are other areas of the state that also boast high numbers in whitetails and other wildlife as well. Heavily populated areas of whitetails include along the South Platte and Arkansas River systems. Currently, in these areas whitetails have actually taken over dominance in numbers. This has created a lot of excitement for Colorado whitetail hunters.

Even though Colorado is struck almost every year with wildfires, droughts and severe winters that make it hard on its wildlife, it still remains a hunter’s paradise.

Colorado Whitetail Hunting Facts
Colorado has a Big Game Access Program that allows hunters access to thousands of acres of privately owned land to hunt whitetails.

Records show that in 1996, David A. McCracken took the largest whitetail with a firearm. It scored 186 3/8 typical.

Records also show that in 1997, Scott M. Tenold took the state’s largest whitetail ever with a firearm and it scored 239 2/8 non-typical.

Colorado has adopted a WTO (whitetail only) license that helps reduce the number of mule deer taken. In the past, a deer license could be used for either whitetails or mule deer.

CWD (chronic wasting disease) was first detected in a whitetail in Colorado in 1967. The states first case of it in a wild deer was in 2005.

Popular Public Hunting Lands
Two popular state wildlife areas on the eastern part of the state are Deadman and Granada. The Deadman SWA is approximately 500 acres and the Granada is around 5,500 acres.

Comanche National Grasslands also offers thousands of acres for hunters to hunt mule deer and whitetails.

Bosque Del Oso State Wildlife Area is over 35,000 acres of forest that hunters can hunt.

Grand Mesa National Forest is 3.2 million acres of land that grows large whitetails every year.

Indiana Private Hunting Areas
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Other Resources:
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