Red Deer & Red Deer Hunting

red deerFor hunters in North America, when one thinks of deer hunting, the whitetail deer automatically comes to mind. There is a larger cousin that inhabits Europe, Asia and Africa, however, called the red deer. The red deer is generally larger in size than the whitetail and their antler racks grow to impressive stature as well.

Here are a few red deer facts. The red deer is the only deer to inhabit the continent of Africa. They are plenteous in most of Europe and Asia and have been introduced to New Zealand and Argentina over the years. They are slowly becoming a part of the hunting culture in North America, as guided hunt ranches and deer farms are beginning to raise them for people who want to specifically hunt for red deer instead of the usual whitetail. Besides the obvious venison and antlers, the red deer antler velvet that protects the new antler growth during the Spring is highly prized by some, especially in East Asia and Russia, for holistic medicine ingredients.

The only two deer species that are bigger than the red deer are the moose and elk. The average male red deer weighs in at a whopping 650 lbs. Their racks are equally impressive, growing as much as one inch per day during the Spring and Summer. Their size makes them a great big game challenge for hunters. The most popular place for hunting red deer is New Zealand, with Australia getting an honorable mention. Red deer hunting in the United States and Canada is pretty rare as of this writing, but no doubt will catch on as red deer farms have already began to spring up in States such as Maine and Vermont, and in Ontario, Canada.

Finally, the red deer is considered an “old world deer” and is often depicted in ancient cave art drawn by our early ancestors and truly talented deer hunters from thousands of years ago, whose best method of harvesting that huge monster buck was a sharp stick and quiet feet.

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