Under Armour Cold Gear Tops and Bottoms

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Reviewed by: Mark
Category: Undergarments
Recommended?: Yes

I have had these as my base layer for several years now. I love these simply because they add absolutely zero bulk to my other hunting clothes. These babies fit skin tight. Kinda embarrassing if you look at yourself in the mirror with just these dudes on. I do not know how much spandex they use on them but they fit like a glove. I wear these under my other long johns on the really cold days and they do the trick on keeping me warm. I also use them on days when its going to be just a little bit chilly as the only base layer. They will keep you warm enough but also get rid of the sweat if you generate any on the way in to your stand. You say why buy camo when your only gonna see them when you first put them on. Well I bought camo because it is easier to keep them separate from my everyday clothes. Anytime my wife sees camo she knows they go into my stash of laundry not hers. You do not want your hunting clothes going through the dryer with some new high power fragrant scent getting spewed all over them.

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