RedHead Mountain Bear Socks

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Reviewed by: Jacob Slonaker
Category: Undergarments
Recommended?: Yes

Wow, who wants to talk about socks? Well if you have ever been setting in the wood or out on a boat you probably do want to sock talk. I have personably tried dozens of brands of socks and have finally found a brand that does what they claim to do. RedHead Mountain Bear Socks after four and a half months of hard use seem to have not wore down to half of the original sock. They are lightweight and plenty warm. Made of 88% Merino wool the sock wick away any foot perspiration that allows your feet to stay dry. They stay up on the calf of your leg not balling up in your boot. I did not want to spend 16 dollars on one pair of socks. But with hunting season fast approaching I have already set aside the money for two more extras pairs. I recommend them for any outdoors activity where you want warm dry feet.

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