Wildgame Timberview Digital Game Camera

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Reviewed by: Tinals1
Category: Optics
Recommended?: No

I have received these cameras as a birthday present, on 6-7-09. Spent 3-4 hours the first day trying to get them functioning properly and gave up. Tried a few days more during the week…nothing except a lot of flashes and no pictures on the SD card.

Finally on Sunday my neighbors helped for about 3 hours and many trial and errors and another 8 pack of batteries later figured out it could only work with a 1mb SD card (I had bought four 2mb cards). There really needs to be more information in the set up booklet and a troubleshooting section. We were all ready to take these back for some less complicated.

Did get some nice quality pictures of us walking in front of camera. Very clear. I can’t wait to see wildlife pictures which should be nice. They are at our lease now all set up and hopefully have some pictures in a few days. As of right now I would not recommend these to anyone. I really don’t see the batteries lasting longer than a few days.

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