Tom Patire’s Body Guard Technology Explosive Energy Drink

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Review by Mark
Review by Chris
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Reviewed by: Mark
Category: Snacks and Drinks
Recommended?: Yes

I always tend to lean to the cautious side when it comes to trying out new energy drinks. I do not want the jittery nervous feeling to accompany my desire to be more alert. The good thing about this drink is the fact that I felt none of those normal energy drink jitters. I did not neccesarily feel like I could move mountains but I was more awake and alert than I usually am after working a 12 hour night shift and staying up the following day. In my eyes the drink does what it claims to do. It gives you some “wake up” at the time you need it. My only fault with this product is the taste. They could improve greatly in that area. Yes it is drinkable but it will give you the “Wow that wasn’t very tasty” look on your face.

I can see how this could benefit hunters while in the woods. The bottle is small and would be very easy to pack in with your other hunting gear. It would also be nice to have available when you start getting that feeling of falling asleep in your tree stand yet you still want to continue the hunt. There are other situations where I could find this drink useful as well. The simple thing I would do is throw one of these drinks in with my hunting gear and if there ever comes a time when I have that dog tired feeling I have an option other than taking a nap leaning up against a tree.

Reviewed by: Chris
Category: Snacks and Drinks
Recommended?: No

After receiving in the mail I threw it in the fridge to get cold. Upon cracking it open and drinking some, I found the taste was rather strong and dis-pleasurable. I even saved some for a couple friends to get their lips wet and they didn’t seem to like the taste at all either. In terms of actual energy, I felt no different after
drinking it. On the other hand, I also felt no shakes or trembles like I would with any other highly concentrated energy drinks. I would hold out hope though, considering I didn’t have typical side effects, as
long as they tried to improve the flavor. Maybe a larger size would help become more acquainted with it? I don’t know. I’ll give it a 5/10 for now.

As an energy drink geared towards the hunting community, I think it would be more beneficial than any of the products currently offered. As I mentioned before, I didn’t feel any trembles or shakes typically associated with other energy drinks. As a result, this drink would hands down be one I would consider for when I’m out in the woods.

Reviewed by: Daniel Ferell
Category: Snacks and Drinks
Recommended?: Yes

Tastes really bad! But was effective for about 2 hours. Took it at work when i was feeling very tired. Was more awake and alert for about 2 hours. But by time I got home i was very hungry.

Explosive energy drink could be beneficial to the hunter as it did seem to increase alertness and the ability to concentrate. If i was feeling tired while on stand or during the drive to or from my hunting area, the product would be helpful.

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