Maverick Model 88 12 Gauge Pump by Mossberg

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Reviewed by: Mark
Category: Firearms
Recommended?: Yes
I picked this 12 gauge pump shotgun up several years ago when I purchased a group of guns from a friend. I got if for basically nothing. I have since became very impressed and would purchase a new one if the need came up. This is Mossberg’s lowest end shotgun that they make. You can get one brand new for only about $150. That is cheap compared to other higher end models. Its made in the U.S. in the state of Texas and all of its parts are interchangeable with the Mossberg 500. I use mine as a home defense weapon if the need should ever arise. The barrel is a little long for home defense but I have not wanted to spend the money on a shorter one. I also use mine as my turkey hunting gun. I just change out the mod choke to a turkey choke and I am set to shoot some gobblers. Very nice gun. I have used mine quite often over the past several years and have had zero workmanship issues out of it. You can purchase this shotgun with confidence that it will do the job it was intended to do.

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