Beretta 682 Gold E

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Reviewed by: Jacob Slonaker
Category: Shotguns
Recommended?: Yes

I purchased my Beretta 682 last fall from a friend. It came with an americase full set of briley optima chokes and set of gauge tubes. I purchased my Beretta to shoot at Bethel University where I am on the shooting sports team there. It has made my scores steadily increase. With all the different types of shooting we do there I had to have a gun that would be fitting for all events (trap, skeet, sporting clays, 5-stand). I wanted this gun because it is lightweight and easy to work with and instead of changing guns for the different shoots I can get use to shooting the same one. Cleaning this gun is very easy it breaks down to three parts the stock, forearm, and barrels which allows you to get to all the different parts. The Beretta is little on the pricey side but to me it was worth every penny. I would recommend this gun to anyone who wants one that is fitting for many environments also for anyone that is thinking about trying out the shooting sports.

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