Hunter Safety System Pro Series

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Hunter Safety System

Reviewed by: Ryan Mckinney
Category: Treestands and Blinds
Recommended?: Yes

By now surely everyone that might happen to read this review is using a safety harness of some sort, if not it is time to start. If your are like me I hate wearing the harness, but I don’t want my next trip afield to be my last. I have been using the hunter safety system for about two years now and I really like it and I feel very safe with it. I use mine in conjunction with the rope that goes around the tree that summit provides with their stands. Using it as a linemans belt while hanging stands is great. On the bottom of the back of the vest is a place to attach a supplied deer drag, which I thought was kind of gimmicky until I tried it last year and it worked great. The pockets on the vest aren’t really useful and I hate the velcro closures. It is made extremly well but it is a little bulky, so if I were to buy another one I might try the lighter treestalker model. Overall it is a great product, and could save your life.

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