Leica CRF 800 Rangefinder

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Reviewed by: Ryan Mckinney
Category: Optics
Recommended?: No

In 2008 I had made plans to go elk hunting in colorado, and to take as much guess work out of the equation I decided to investing a quality rangefinder. I purchased a leica crf 800 and figured that would do the trick. When I received it in the mail the workmanship, optics and size were all ideal, the only problem was that the range finding results were pitiful. Generally I know that Leica make top quality products, I don’t know if I had a defective unit or maybe the humidity, hindered the performance but I just couldn’t get consistent readings. I shipped the Leica back and got a bushnell elite 1200, and have ranged animals out to 1017 yds, saving about $250.

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