Remington Express Core-Lokt

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Review by Randy Rader
Review by Mark

Reviewed by: Randy Rader
Category: Powder & Ammo
Recommended?: Yes
Several years ago, I bought myself a Marlin 336C in .30/30 because it had a side eject and I could mount a scope on it. The Winchester Model 94 ejected out the top, which would necessitate an offset scope mount – something I wanted to avoid.

The first year hunting with my new rifle, I chose Winchester Silvertips in 170 grain. I figured that the bigger bullet would mean dropping ‘the big one’ a whole lot easier. Boy was I mistaken. I didn’t know anything about bullet ballistics and muzzle velocity, or anything important like that at the time – some things I have since learned that are vitally important.

To make a long story short, the Silvertips at 170 grain, because of their weight, are too slow (muzzle velocity) to penetrate the chest cavity of the Texas white tail. I know! I dropped two deer, but watched a six point buck get up and run off five minutes later. The doe I dropped would have done the same thing had I not walked up and slit the doe’s neck. (Should have used another round on the buck!) When I field dressed the doe, I made quite a discovery – I found where the bullet had impacted the doe’s chest cavity without penetrating it. It simply left quite a ‘dimple’ in the chest cavity wall.

I called my father-in-law who recommended going to Remington Core-Lokt in 150 grain for the .30/30. He said he’s been using Core-Lokt for decades in both .30/30 and .270. I have been using Core-Lokt ever since in every one of my rifles with nothing but absolute success. If we hit the deer in the vitals, it goes down. It may not drop right away, but it does drop soon afterward.

About the only rounds I have found (at least in .30/30) that can compete with the Core-Lokt would be Hornady’s LeveRevolution rounds.

Reviewed by: Mark
Category: Powder & Ammo
Recommended?: Yes
If I am going to shoot a factory load at wild game the only round I am going to put in my rifle is the Core Lokt. Plenty enough accurate for me and a mushroom size that will stop whatever your shooting at in its tracks. If you make a bad shot on game and are able to retrieve the bullet I would just so you can check out the mushroom size on it. You will be impressed. The box claims up to 2x controlled expansion of the original caliber size. It will not break up or separate upon impact like some of the cheaper ammo that is out there. I use the 30-06 springfield in 150 grain for deer hunting and have always had enough impact to take the deer down.

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