Powerbelt Muzzleloading Bullets

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Reviewed by: Lynn
Category: Firearms & Ammo
Recommended?: Yes
Available at Cabelas.com

I used some 245 gr and 295 gr powerbelts when I first got my CVA muzzleloader. It is the bullet that CVA recommended that you use out of your ML. I was at first impressed with how easy they were to load. They were even fairly accurate when I first start shooting my CVA. After a year under my belt and my ML broke in a little bit I noticed I could never get consistent groups. I blamed it on the bullet and changed to Hornady’s and TC’s Shockwaves.

These bullets were tougher to load but I could once again drive tacks with my ML. I have also been told by some hunting friends of mine that these bullets will sometimes shatter upon impact. I will never go back to the powerbelts.

Good Hunting.

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