Hornady LeveRevolution .30/30

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Reviewed by: Randall Rader
Category: Powder & Ammo
Recommended?: Yes
I had heard a lot of ‘rave’ reviews about Hornady’s LeveRevolution rounds, especially in .30/30, and had wanted to try it out to see if it performed to expectations. I purchased my first box of Hornady rounds in .30/30 160 grain about two years ago. My scope was already ‘zeroed’ for Remington’s Core-Lokt in 150 grain at the time and I was surprised to see the difference with the very first shot when trying one of the new Hornady’s.

It took me two years before I could actually be home for hunting season, hoping to grab me a ‘decent’ sized buck with one of the Hornady rounds. Although the .30/30 (to me) kicks like a .270, the Hornady rounds seemed to have a little more ‘punch’ or recoil to them. (I had to re-verify my old zero and found it just a little off.)

It took only three days of waiting for ‘the right one’ to come along. I’d seen a couple of bucks come along that did not meet Texas DP&W new 13 inch standards and had a couple of does get spooked by something right at dusk.

It was late, getting almost too dark to see. I’d taken off my watch and set it on the ground in front of me so that I could see what time it was. I figured that it was late enough and had reached down for my watch to pick it up. After picking up the watch, I looked up and all I saw was this pair of antlers appear from the edge of the clearing in front of me. Knowing I would only have one shot (literally) at this one, I sure hoped that the Hornady rounds lived up to all of their hype.

They did! One shot, clean through the neck, and the buck dropped like a rock. After getting the buck into a decent light, I saw the smaller entry wound and an exit wound about the size of a quarter (or so it seemed at the time). Good shot placement? Or a really good round? I will let the reading audience be the judge of those questions.

Would I recommend Hornady’s LeveRevolution rounds to anyone else? Most certainly!

Can I find any more of these rounds in the area around my home? Of course not! I hit Academy, all the Wally Worlds, and even one of the local gun shops searching for them. None have had them! Maybe after hunting season is over. . . .

I still have about six rounds left in the box and only one tag left on my license anyway.

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