Sitka Celsius Jacket and 90% Pants

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Reviewed by: Ryan Mckinney
Category: Outer Camo Clothing
Recommended?: Yes

Alright guys I have finally found a product that I am excited about and truly deserves a good review. I recently purchased a Sitka celcius jacket and 90% pants from Mountain Archery in Idaho (great company), I was a little skeptical at first about spending this amount of money on a jacket and pants that I had never seen in person, but I decided to take a chance. When I recieved my order I was blown away just by looking at the quality and thought that was put into the garments. The material is a soft shell treated with Dwr which I have found to resist water better than some of your “waterproof garments.” The material is also a two way strech material which makes them very comfortable to wear and move in. The jacket actually seems kind of light, but it is because they put the fleece insulation in the places that you need it, and it is very wind resistant. All of the pockets have top notch water proof zippers, and are located in positions that have been thought out. One thing that this jacket has that I had never seen before, was hand warmer pockets that also zip open on the inside so you can warm you hands together inside the jacket. Also, one of the few jackets with a hood that is actually adjustable and works. The pants are made with the same quality in mind, with features like, the two way stretch material, a small strip of rubber inside the waist, so your shirt doesnt come out, and also on the under side of the suspenders so the don’t fall off your shoulders. If you use a backpack they have also positioned the pockets so you can use them with your pack on. All of these little details that I have mentioned, even the quality of the stiching is what I think actually make these garments a good value, because they will serve you for many years. Sitka Gear promotes themselves as “Turning clothing into gear”, and I will have to say that it truly is GEAR.

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