CVA Wolf .50 Caliber Inline Muzzleloader

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Reviewed by: Roger C Donaldson
Category: Firearms & Ammo
Recommended?: Yes
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The CVA Wolf Break Open Muzzleloader is a good beginners rifle. Inexpensive to buy and a lot of fun to shoot. Uses 209 primers for ignition. Mine has a 3 X 9 scope on top and is very accurate at 100 yards. Did not shoot it further than that as where I hunt would
not get a shot that far.

The breakopen action makes it easy to load and very easy to clean. It is light to carry and makes a nice stalking gun. Comes up to the shoulder fast and the 24″ barrel makes it manuverable in thick woods. I use 90Gr pyrodex pellets pushing a 295gr Powerbelt HP bullet.

Although the literature provided with the rifle states it is a “Magnum” rifle I would not recommend shooting 150Grs of powder in this rifle.