Hunter’s View 12′ Buddy Stand

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Reviewed by: Jason Reynolds
Category: Treestands & Blinds
Recommended?: Yes
When my children started showing an interest in whitetail deer hunting I searched for a way to get them up in a tree in a safe manner. I ran across this buddy stand while strolling the aisles in a local Wal-Mart. I paid around $108 tax and all. I have also seen them cheaper than that if you check the prices there after deer season and Christmas are over. Even though the stand is relatively light weight I would recommend you have a buddy, hence the name of the stand, go with you to help put this stand on a tree. It is bulky and you will need an extra set of hands to hold and help you set it up. I also purchased a blind like piece of material that hung around the outside of the stand to help conceal my movements and those of my children. It works great as long as it is not very windy outside. On windy days the plastic camo wrap flaps in the breeze and makes to much noise for my taste. I have seen other wraps for ladder stands made out of burlap. Those are probably better than the one I purchased just because of the noise factor. The main complaint that I have with this ladder stand is the foot rest. It would make the stand more roomy if the foot rest extended all the way under the seat. That way we could put drinks, hunting bags and other gear underneath out of the way. Over all I am happy with this stand and think the majority of other hunters would be as well. Happy Hunting

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