Big Game Ultra-Max 20′ Ladder Stand

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Reviewed by: James Norris
Category: Treestands & Blinds
Recommended?: Yes
This stand is the most comforterable ladder stand that I have ever sat in. First of all it is built solided, it has a double rail ladder that pins in four foot sections, the paint on it is of textered type, it is a twenty feet stand to the shooting rail. What makes this stand so nice and comforterable is the way the seat and
back is made. The seat is of a nylon that is wide enough that the sides do not mash against your legs and cause discomfort after sitting for a while. Also the seat will raise up flat against the tree for a great bow stand that will let you hide next to the tree trunk. The plat form is large. It goes all the way under the seat and with the seat up you have plenty of space to stand for a bow shot. The back is made of nylon that slips over half inch tubing and it is like sitting in a chair, you are not leaning up against the tree for a back rest. The rail will left back over your head for easy access in and out. I have made several stands over the years for myself and so I know what it takes to make a comforterable stand and for the price of this one don’t think I could build it myself for the $300 that I paid for it if I count my time.

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