Winchester Fixed Blade Gut Knife

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Reviewed by: Jay
Category: Knives
Recommended?: Yes
I have gotten 2 of these Winchester fixed blade knives as Christmas presents over the past 10 years. One has a gut hook and one just has a straight blade. Either one has gutted deer before. These knives are priced cheap compared to your other brands but are just as effective at getting the job done. They come dull as a butter knife though and you will have to spend some time on a stone to give them a good edge. They both came with a black nylon sheath that fits on your belt as well. About 10 inches long total with pretty decent handles on them. You can find them anywhere for $20. I did not complain either time I opened these up for a present. I believe they come in what they call the Pakkawood Series. Probably because of the wood look handle. You cannot beat them for the price.

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