Mojo Dove

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Mojo Dove
Reviewed by: Jacob Slonaker
Category: Hunting Accessories
Recommended?: Yes

When it comes to dove hunting most people think that you just go sit in a corn field. When in fact there is a lot of things you can do to improve your chances of killing more birds. I purchased some clip on doves the year before and I had good success but I wanted something a little more. That is when I decided to buy the mojo dove. This dove is set up on the top of a poll that is very easy to stick in the ground. It is very real looking it also has wings that spin they a light on one side and dark on the other to make it simulate a dove landing. One of the reasons that I choose the Mojo over other brands is that it is battery powered instead of just using the wind so that means that it even on calm days it will still spin. I would recommend the Mojo to anyone that wants that little advantage over the birds.

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